From Tools & Toys: Great iOS Apps for Managing and Enjoying Content

Great collection from Tools and Toys.

I still hear people criticize the iPad as just a gadget for "consuming" information rather than "creating" information.

And I’ve always said GREAT!

Because isn’t that what most of us are doing every day? Consuming information from blogs, websites, news pubs, videos, books, radio, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. If an iPad can HELP us consume information BETTER than GREAT!

The only addition I would make is Mr. Reader for RSS feeds on the iPad. I use Reeder 3 on my iPhone (as Tools & Toys suggests) but Mr. Reader is so much more customizable on the iPad.

See Great iOS Apps for Managing and Enjoying Content

Apps in Law – New Blog Featuring Mercifully Short Video Reviews of Apps for Lawyers Using iPhones & iPads

I’m happy to announce my latest project Apps in Law at I offer short video review of apps that lawyers can use on their iPhones and iPads.

I plan to offer at least one review each week and readers can subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of new reviews.

Visit Apps in Law to view the reviews so far for iAnnotate, Week Calendar, Noteshelf, and GoodReader. And be sure to subscribe to the newsletter while you’re there!

“iPad for Lawyers” featuring Brett Burney at State Bar of Wisconsin – January 6, 2016

If you 1) practice in Wisconsin and 2) are getting a new iPad for Christmas, then register now for “iPad for Lawyers – Featuring Brett Burney” sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin.

The full-day seminar will take place at the State Bar Center in Madison on Thursday, January 6, 2016.

Brett will be joined by legal technology luminary Nerino Petro, CIO at Holmstrom & Kennedy, P.C. Nerino also blogs actively at

The schedule covers everything that an iPad-totin’ lawyer needs to know about how to effectively incorporate the iPad into your daily practice. You’ll learn how to edit Microsoft Word documents, annotate PDF files, give presentations, and conduct legal research. The seminar will discuss your ethical duties for protecting the information on your iPad, and the speakers will show off their favorite apps, tips, and gadgets.

Don’t miss the “iPad for Lawyers” seminar in Madison, WI on January 6, 2016.

Rare End of Year Sale on TrialPad, TranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad – Buy Now and Save $20 Each

If you’re an iPad-wielding lawyer it’s time to spend a tiny bit of your professional technology budget on 2-3 apps that you need in your practice.

I’ve been using TrialPad and TranscriptPad since they were first released by Ian O’Flaherty and his crew at Lit Software. I talk about both of those apps (and the more recent DocReviewPad) at EVERY iPad CLE presentation I give around the country.

2015.12.19 TranscriptPad on SaleLit Software is taking $20 off each app now through December 30, 2015. I know Ian and he doesn’t offer many discounts so this is rare treat.

I’ve heard folks complain that these apps are too pricey. My first response is that these are professional-grade apps and NOT Candy Crush. My second response is that an app like TrialPad is an amazing bargain when compared to purchasing a full license of TrialDirector or Sanction. Now you have no excuse with this sale going on.

Watch and hear other lawyers talk about the apps.

More information about the sale here.

Links for TrialPadTranscriptPad, and DocReviewPad.

Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?

I was interviewed for a blog post entitled “Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?” that appeared on the Relativity Blog on July 24, 2105.

kCura is one of the few e-discovery vendors that offers a companion iPad app (Relativity Binders) for their document review product (Relativity). kCura interviewed five legal technology experts to get their ideas on where iPads and mobility will take law firms in the next 5 years.

Read  “Lawyers and iPads: What Will Law Firms Do Differently in 5 Years Thanks to Going Mobile?

iPad App Review: “Rulebook App Can Replace Your Rule Books”

If you find yourself regularly thumbing through a book looking for a rule or statue then you might consider using the Rulebook iPad instead. All your rules are literally at your fingertips and you can search for the word or phrase that you need across all the books you’ve downloaded.

I spend a lot of time consulting on e-discovery projects which means I’m constantly referring to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or the state equivalent rules. Rulebook lets me find what I need quickly and bookmark or copy important passages for later.

I reviewed the Rulebook iPad app for Law Technology News and found the app to be extremely useful for lawyers and legal professionals


Brett Burney Giving iPad Presentations to Lawyers Around the Country

Brett Burney giving iPad Presentations for LawyersIt continues to amaze me how the iPad is changing the way lawyers use and interact with technology. One of my favorite activities is spending time helping lawyers learn how to use the iPad better. I’ve been honored to be invited to speak around the country on the topic and here is a list of upcoming presentations:

(Many of these sessions are already sold out, but please feel free to reach out and contact the appropriate sponsors in case attendees have to cancel or they expand the space. Thank you!)

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Sign Up For My Monthly TechnoLawyer iPad Column Where I Pick The Best Apps for Lawyers

I have the privilege of comparing iPad apps for TechnoLawyer every month and picking the best one for lawyers!

TechnoLawyer has some of the best tech-related newsletters aimed at lawyers. It’s completely FREE to subscribe and the information is invaluable. Plus, TechnoLawyer does one of the best jobs of covering how Macs and iPads are being used in the practice of law.

I know this will be disappointing, but I can’t post my full articles here on the blog – you’ll need to visit and sign up for the SmallLaw Newsletter which is where most of my columns are published. Don’t miss another one of my iPad app columns!

Here are the topics I’ve covered so far this year:

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10 Tips for Using Mobile Safari on an iPad

In anticipation of the ABA TECHSHOW coming up this week (March 29-31) I authored this post for the TECHSHOW Blog and I am re-posting it here.

Safari iconWhen Apple first introduced the iPad, they described the web-surfing experience as like “holding the Internet in your hands.” Not only were you literally holding the Internet browser in your hands, you simply touched a link with your finger instead of clicking it with your mouse (although curiously, watch what happens to your mouse cursor when you hover over a link in Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Apple’s web browser for Macs and PCs is called Safari. On the iPad and iPhone, Apple still calls the built-in browser Safari, although most people differentiate the iOS version by calling it “Mobile Safari.”

With iOS 5, Apple significantly upgraded Mobile Safari, offering an even better browsing experience than before. So as long as you have the iOS 5.0 upgrade on your iPad, these tips will help you get the most out Mobile Safari:

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Great iPad Articles in Yesterday’s “Fat Friday” Newsletter from TechnoLawyer

I’ve been a big fan of TechnoLawyer for many years, and I appreciate the fact that Neil and his team devote a good chunk of their publication space to how lawyers use Macs and iPads. They know their audience and are one of the few mainstream legal tech publications that give Macs some attention.

I’ve even been fortunate to write a “Nine Mac Utilities That Will Boost Your Law Firm’s Productivity” and “How to Move Documents From Your Computer to Your iPad and Back Again” for TechnoLawyer, and I invite you to check out those articles.

Every Friday TechnoLawyer publishes their fun “Fat Friday” newsletter, and yesterday it contained several great articles on how lawyers are using and integrating the iPad into their practice.

TechnoLawyer Fat Friday October 28, 2011 iPads at Macs in Law

My favorite is the first story on how Michael Kelly from Ontario uses his iPad:

“I find it a great improvement over using a laptop … I can transfer whole files in seconds to the iPad using GoodReader desktop app, and everything is organized the same way as on my regular computer.

I don’t have to plug it in and wait 5 minutes for Windows to boot up (or shut down for that matter). I don’t need my power cord and an extension cord ( a lot of discovery and mediation locations seem to have a shortage of wall plugs for some reason) … It is small and handles like a small book.

There are a few other case reviews and workflows in the newsletter, and it’s worth a few minutes to read through.

The Fat Friday newsletter is completely free to subscribe to, as are the other TechnoLawyer newsletters. If you’re not signed up, I would strongly encourage you to do so.