“Mac Attack” at the Georgia ICLE Technology Conference, Feb. 24

"Mac Attack" at the Georgie ICLE Technology Show and Tell February 24, 2011

I’m honored to be speaking at the Georgie ICLE Technology Show and Tell on February 24, 2011. I’ll be giving one session on “e-discovery trends” and a second session devoted to Macs entitled “Mac Attack: Should Your Firm Move To A Mac Environment?”
Now obviously, if you already use Macs in your practice, this may not be all that interesting, although I promise a few nuggets that will make it worth your while.

But if you’ve been contemplating the possibility of moving your practice to Macs away from Windows, this will be an hour well-spent as I’ll cover the differences, the pros & cons, and generally discuss the practicalities of moving to the Mac.

There’s a whole day of great stuff at the Technology Show and Tell and it’s very affordable! Make sure you come by and say hello!

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