Take the “Apple in Law Firm Survey” Sponsored by Clio

Clio Apple in Law Firms Survey

Clio is sponsoring the “Apple in Law Firm Survey” and I encourage every Mac-using lawyer to respond to the handful of questions at http://macsurvey.questionpro.com.

This will be one of the best gauges of how far the Mac has made in-roads into the legal profession. The survey only takes a couple of minutes and asks which cloud-based or desktop applications that you use in your practice.

The recent ABA Legal Technology Survey reported that 4% of respondents use the Mac OS, up from 3% the year before. But the “Apple in Law Firm Survey” from Clio digs a little deeper to give us a sense of what applications are used by Mac-using lawyers.

From Clio’s blog:

The results will be shared during Clio President Jack Newton’s presentation at MILOFest, a conference designed for lawyers interested in Macs, iPhones, iPads and other Apple products in the law office. MILOFest takes place from November 11-13 this year, in Orlando, FL

By they way, Clio is giving away an iPad to a randomly selected respondent!


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