Tips, Notes & Links – Tunnel Bears and Text Edits

Tunneling with Bears

If you travel with a laptop, you’re probably carrying confidential and sensitive information from your clients (just consider your e-mail!). You need to get work done while away from the office, so you find the closest Starbucks or coffee shop and hook into their free wi-fi. But everyone else is using that open wireless network connection which means your confidential info may not be so confidential anymore.

That’s when you need to use a virtual private network (VPN) service. MakeUseOf just had a great piece on Tunnel Bear which I may have dismissed were it not for David Sparks talking about Tunnel Bear a couple years ago. Great service to check out if you travel a lot.

Accessorize for the Prize

Nice list of accessories from iDownloadBlog available for the newer MacBook Pros that only sport USB-C ports.

I’ve heard lots of good things about the Satechi USB-C Pro Hub.

Pro Tips for TextEdit

I don’t use TextEdit all that much since I live in Microsoft Word, but here are 9 “hidden” features in TextEdit – my favorite is the Advanced Search component.

The Outlook Looks Stellar!

I’m THRILLED to see Microsoft bake in more and more requested features to Outlook 2016 for Mac! They’re listening!!

The biggies look like “Send Later” and “Delivery/Read Receipts.”

Full list here.

(Gummy bear breakfast cereal picture courtesy of GRATISOGRAPHY by photographer Ryan McGuire)