Brett Burney Quoted in “Report: Mac Use in Law Firms Still Growing”

MacBook Air Law Technology News Forrester Report People are Bringing Macs to WorkI spoke with Evan Koblentz last night, staff reporter for Law Technology News, about a new report from Forrester Research entitled “People Are Bringing Macs To Work — It’s Time To Repeal Prohibition.”

The Forrester report addressed business in general, but Evan was looking for some targeted information on how Macs are infiltrating today’s law firms.

Even wrote a great overview of the report and gives a brief history of some of the major developments in Mac history.

He also points out what I consider to be the main tectonic shift as to why Macs are starting to appear more in law practices – when Apple shifted to Intel processors, This opened the possibility for many lawyers to use Macs, but still run their Windows-only software in a virtual environment with the use of VMware Fusion or Parallels.

Link: “People Are Bringing Macs To Work – It’s Time To Repeal Prohibition