Interviews About Lawyers Using the iPad 2

Interviews About Lawyers Using the iPad 2I’ve been honored to be interviewed by several reporters asking about how lawyers are adopting and using the iPad 2 in their practice. Lawyers represent a small corner of the greater business world that are finding the iPad to be a useful tool.

First, the Lawyers USA group asked if it was necessary for lawyers to upgrade to the iPad 2. The story entitled “Lawyers cast their verdict on the iPad 2” was published on March 24 and distributed to several outlets (the story now requires a password, but try this link from the Detroit Legal News).

Second, the Youngstown, OH newspaper (with the great name of the “Vindicator“) asked how lawyers and other businesses were incorporating the iPad into their daily life. The story entitled “Valley businesses take note of iPad’s workplace applications” was published on April 3.

And lastly, I’d like to give another shout-out to Christy Burke’s excellent article entitled “Are you an iLawyer yet?” that was published last year on Legal IT Professionals. Christy does a great job of covering the increasing infiltration of Macs and iOS devices into the legal profession.