FREE Webinar! Brett Burney to Present “Advanced Mobile Lawyering Tactics” – Friday, July 14, 2017

How deep have you incorporated a mobile device into your law practice? Still just checking e-mail and making birds angry? Wanna do more?

Join me tomorrow (Fri., July 14, 2017) for a FREE!! webinar on “Advanced Mobile Lawyering Tactics” to learn how to REALLY use your mobile device including:

  • File management
  • Note taking
  • Portable scanner
  • PDF converters
  • Legal research
  • Mind-mapping
  • Security tips
  • And more!

I’m presenting this FREE!! webinar with Ernie Svenson (aka Ernie the Attorney) as part of his amazing Law Firm Autopilot course.

As usual, we’ll stay on after the end of the webinar to answer all your questions so let me know if you’ll be there!

Register HERE for “Advanced Mobile Lawyering Tactics.”