2011 Black Friday Mac & iOS Deals for Lawyers

In looking at the analytics of the site, it’s obvious that you the reader like to see links to good deals. And it’s my pleasure to point you in the right direction.

1Password 2011 Black Friday Deals for Mac Using Lawyers1Password – 50% OFF!

First, AgileBits is taking 50% off all versions of 1Password. If you don’t have 1Password yet, this is an excellent time to pick up the Mac, Windows and iOS versions.

Many folks I talk to tell me that they don’t need a password manager – that they are perfectly fine remembering their own passwords. But then I ask if their password is the word “password” or their spouses name, or their kids names, or the month of the year. And then I’ve made my point – we ALL need a password manager.

And as lawyers, it is especially important for us to take digital precautions to better protect the information on our computer, and better manage the information we all access on the Internet.

So I have 1Password on my Mac, and whenever I log on to a website, I can have 1Password automatically complete my login information (I use the ⌘- keyboard shortcut).

But on top of that, I have my 1Password Keychain sync with Dropbox, which means that 1Password on my iPhone/iPad have access to same information. That means I can visit the same websites on my iPhone & iPad and be able to login with the same information through the 1Password App.

I also use 1Password to keep track of all my software purchases and registration keys. This isn’t such a big problem anymore if I purchase software from the Mac App Store, but for all the other software, 1Password is my central way to manage all those licenses and registration keys.

1Password for Mac (Mac App Store) – $24.99 (reg. $49.99)

1Password Pro Universal for both iPhone & iPad (App Store) – $6.99 (reg. $13.99)

These deals go through Nov. 30.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 2011 Black Friday Deals for Mac Using LawyersPDFpen – 50% OFF!

I’m a big fan of Smile Software and their PDFpen software is amazing. I still believe that lawyers need to have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro (see my post here), but it doesn’t hurt to also have PDFpen (regular or pro) on your Mac as well. There are some instances when PDFpen works better for a task than opening Acrobat.

PDFpen (Mac App Store) – $29.99 (reg. $59.99)

PDFpenPro (Mac App Store) – $49.99 (reg. $99.95)

I’m not sure when this expires, but I’m guessing it’s a one-day thing.

TextSoap 2011 Black Friday Deals for Mac Using LawyersTextSoap – 40% OFF!

I don’t use TextSoap all that often, but it’s invaluable when I do need it. When I copy text from a website or a PDF and need to paste it into a Word document, TextSoap can automatically scrape out all the hard returns and other junk symbols that get caught in my copy net. It’s a fantastic utility. David Sparks has a great review of how he uses TextSoap.

TextSoap (Mac App Store) – $24.99 (reg. $39.99)

Easy Timeline 2011 Black Friday Deals for Mac Using LawyersEasy Timeline – 75% OFF!

Most Mac-using lawyers are familiar with the incredible BEEDOCS Timeline 3D application that allows you to make fascinating timelines. Adam Behringer of BEEDOCS developed Timeline 3D specifically for lawyers.

But recently, Adam released Easy Timeline which is a sort of scaled-down (and less expensive) version of Timeline 3D. Instead of the $65 price tag for Timeline 3D, Easy Timeline was released for just $19.99 in the Mac App Store.

But for a limited time, BEEDOCS is selling Easy Timeline for only $4.99 in the Mac App Store. And while you may need the full functionality of Timeline 3D sometimes, it might be worth picking up Easy Timeline for this crazy price.

Easy Timeline (Mac App Store) – $4.99 (reg. $19.99)

Noteshelf 2011 Black Friday Deals for Mac Using LawyersNoteshelf (iPad) for only 99¢!!

And last but not least, my favorite handwriting iPad app (Noteshelf) is on sale again for only 99¢ (reg. $4.99). I detail why I like Noteshelf in the last post … the last time Noteshelf was on sale for 99¢.

Noteshelf (App Store) – 99¢ (reg. $4.99)


PDF Expert Readdle 2011 Black Friday Mac and iOS Deals for LawyersUPDATE:

Readdle Apps – 30%-40% OFF!!

So I just found out some of my favorite iOS apps are on sale from Readdle! Here are my recommendations:

PDF Expert for iPad (App Store) – $6.99 (reg. $9.99) – sign PDF files and fill-out PDF forms

PDF HD for iPad (App Store) – $1.99 (reg. $2.99) – beautiful, simple, streamlined PDF viewer

PDF Converter for iPad  (App Store) – $4.99 (reg. $6.99) – create PDF files on your iPad from Dropbox, websites, e-mail and more

Scanner Pro for iPhone (App Store) – $4.99 (reg. $6.99) – “scan” a document using your iPhone’s camera

Card Scanner Pro for iPhone (App Store) – $4.99 (reg $6.99) – best business card scanner in my opinion using ABBYY technology






  1. Brett,

    I’m not happy. Again you’ve caused me to spend nearly $100 on these so-called “deals” – then again, I’ve been wanting to own PDFPenPro for a while, and I loved TextSoap when I saw it at MILOfest and who doesn’t want EasyTimeline for $5….



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